Bakeshop: Pastries at Home

Cost: $39

Further your baking and pastry skills in this course focused on teaching the skills that lead to bakery-quality pastries of all kinds, with production techniques unique to the home kitchen. Please see our FAQ page for answers to common .questions.


Get an insightful, in-depth peek into making bakery-quality pastries at home in this course dedicated to laminated doughs. From vol-au-vent and raspberry pinwheels to apple window panes and mille-feuille, you'll learn every step of the process for making delicious bakery-quality items using puff pastry that is rich with butter and perfectly suited to special occasion brunches throughout the year.

In this demonstration and tasting course, CHI's chef-instructor will explain the process for creating puff pastry and then make mouthwatering pastries for you to taste in class. You'll get to sample a variety of delicious treats and then take home a lab packet with all of the recipes and instructions you learned in class.

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