Fundamentals of Sauces and Soups

Classic French cooking relies on foundational sauces often called the "Mother Sauces," known as the fundamental underpinning for a huge range of delicious dishes. In this class, CHI's chef-instructor teaches you some of the techniques for creating mother sauces and for creating phenomenally flavorful soups. Explore topics such as how to develop and deepen the flavors in all your dishes by creating more flavorful sauces, how to thicken soups, and how to maximize your produce by creating incredible sauces, soups and stews from scratch.

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Join CHI for this DEMONSTRATION & TASTING course dedicated to the warm comfort of soups. If you're convinced that restaurant-quality sauces and soups are outside your grasp, register for this course to discover professional techniques for pan sauces, velouté, and bechamel as CHI's chef-instructor converts sauces into comforting and delicious soups such as chowder, bisque and chicken noodle soup.

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