Pit Master: BBQ

In CHI's Pit Master BBQ courses, you'll take a tour of major American barbecue regions as you cook and taste a variety of classic dishes, with topics ranging from Texas-style beef brisket and South Carolina pulled pork to Alabama-style BBQ chicken and pork ribs straight from St. Louis. You'll learn how to set up your smoker, butcher the meats for maximum flavor and even cooking, and perfect the sauces, sides and desserts that make each protein shine. Sign up to become a pit master in your own right as you cook a new protein and different sides, sauces, and desserts in each class. See course-specific information below.

Please see CHI's FAQ page for answers to common questions such as what to expect, what to wear and how to find CHI.



This Demo class, focuses on the art of low and slow cooked BRISKET along with authentic rubs, barbecue sauces most commonly associated with Texas, Kansas City, and the Carolinas, traditional sides, and along with a dessert. After students prepare these delicious items we will then enjoy eating some great barbecue.

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