Unlocked Coffee Roasters unveils new mural to represent farmers

Savannah Moss

Greenville Journal

Just in time to celebrate its two year anniversary, Unlocked Coffee Roasters reveals its new mural that welcomes guests as they enter the coffee shop located at the Poe West development at 556 Perry Ave. in the Village of West Greenville.

Painted by Jorge Rojas, a Colombian artist living in Greenville, the mural represents the unseen face behind Unlocked Coffee: the farmers.

“This is a tribute to the farmers that we are supporting and to represent those without a face,” said Rocio Salazar, marketing director with Unlocked Coffee Roasters.

The team behind Unlocked Coffee — Rocio Salazar and her husband Andres Camargo — said they hope the mural will celebrate and represent the new journey they intend to take by directly trading with young farmers in Colombia.

This includes “scaling our signature roasting process to better provide a higher production volume for increased demand and larger wholesale clients,” according to a statement online.

The shop is also featuring unique coffees by working with farmers in Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, and Africa.

For more on Unlocked Coffee Roasters, visit UnlockedCoffee.com.

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