Tenant Feature: 98 Ventures

Meet the first tenant to move into the neighborhood, 98 Ventures. The most veteran tenant at this point, 98 Ventures has stepped in as the first open shop in the mixed-use space at Poe West, and they are already making their mark.


I sat down with President, Scott Moore, to dive into what 98 Ventures is, how they got here, and what makes 98 Ventures who they are as a company.


Long story short, they are an executive management services company that provides executive and corporate services. Their affiliate companies focus on last mile logistics, equipment fulfillment and software development. 98 Ventures, and their affiliates, partner with some of the largest big box and e-commerce platforms in the country. 


The team has been around since 1998 when one of their Partners, Scott Ramsey founded the company with the first truck.  Later, Moore joined forces with Ramsey.  The two have known each other for most of their lives. They brought on Steve O’Brien as their COO and Partner, rounding out the C-Suite, and created a collection of companies that has shaped the logistics field for over 20 years.


When asked “Why Poe West?”, Moore shared that much like the reason The Furman Co. saw this new space as an opportunity to engage with an entire community through a cool and vibrant new development, their team saw the same opportunities and wanted to act on that. Coming most recently from Main Street, Moore wants his newly located team to be a part of the local community, engaging in its retail and restaurant scene. After just a few weeks, he thinks that should be no problem.


As a community-focused company, the 98 Ventures team has partnered with several local nonprofits and organizations. The leadership team feels that being located in The Village now will provide greater opportunity for meaningful engagement. Encouraging their employees to give back is a crucial part of their culture.


Though its Greenville location houses the most employees in one space, coming in at appropriately 98 seats in the building, 98 Ventures has a total of 700 full-time and around 400 contracted employees across 24 states.


In its 20 plus years, the company has grown tremendously and does not see that stopping anytime soon. With its new location, Moore, along with the rest of the decision-making team, who all work from the Greenville location, hope to manage that growth more steadily. Not only do they want their employees to pour into the community, but the Poe West tenant community as well.


Even before its neighbor’s opening, 98 Ventures already offers Unlocked Coffee to all of their employees daily. They are working with Junkyard Fitness to get an employee gym partnership and are chatting with Chef Alan over at Greenville Tech Foundation to set up team building exercises in the CHI kitchen within the next few months.


Being the first tenants to move in certainly set big expectations, but after hearing about this company, there is no doubt 98 Ventures can meet them.


Want to learn more about 98 Ventures? Check out their website here.

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-- Kamber

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