The History Behind Poe Hardware in Greenville

As one of Greenville’s very first incorporated businesses, Poe Hardware & Supply Company was there at the start. It helped write the early chapters of Greenville's incredible story.

With Poe West, we are re-kindling the pioneering spirit that is baked into its very walls, breathing new life into a historical and exceptional space.

By converting this 60,000 square foot mid-century piece of Greenville’s past, we’re creating a vibrant community hub: a collaborative space for creative offices, experiential retailers, and innovative restaurateurs — nestled in a neighborhood steeped in the culinary and visual arts.

With an architected natural flow, Poe West is designed to foster an innovative business community.

The dynamic ecosystem of users and the fusion of outdoors and in, you will feel as much at home in the sunshine as you do in your office.

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