Truist Culinary & Hospitality Innovation Center, Greenville Technical College (CHI) Offers Corporate Events

As professional meetings are starting to happen in-person again, you might be looking for ways to get over that awkward "we-have-been-meeting-over-Zoom-for-a-year" thing.

The solution?

Book a corporate event with CHI, which offers a unique and fun environment for strengthening connections with your team and your clients.

They offer state of the art meeting spaces for team-building including:

* Live and virtual cooking demonstrations

* Audiovisual systems

* Completely customizable menus and events (choose the right fit for your team: from sushi and paella to fresh pasta and Texas-style brisket)

* Full or half-day packages with team-building activities, breakout sessions, and more

* Receptions with your caterer or our trusted partners

You will get back into the swing of things in no time ⏰

Contact CHI Business Development Manager Gaven Watkins for more info.

Email or call 864-250-8835.

We're excited to see you

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