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When you hear the term “Junkie”, a gym rat is not the first thing that comes to mind. It does in Junkyard Fitness’s case though, and is actually known as an endearing term for the 500+ members it has racked up since opening in 2018.

After graduating from Clemson with a football career ahead of him, Anderson local Ben Boulware decided the NFL was not the path for him. Knowing fitness was important to him, he joined forces with his partner Marcus Brown and the two opened up “The Junkyard” with a unique vision that has yet to be matched.

It all started with Boulware and Brown biking on the Swamp Rabbit Trail and realizing they were biking 10 miles in complete silence. The next time they went back they brought some tunes and biked the same distance in half the time. They thought to themselves, “What if we controlled the pace of the workout?”, and Junkyard Fitness was born.

After months of testing, they created a software that is Guitar Hero-like, quoting Boulware, and was patented in 2018. With their golden ticket, the team built up their following and have been consistent since the very beginning. Having a strong culture from the beginning is what has made them so successful, Boulware notes, which is what has allowed them to expand into the Village of West Greenville.

With eyes on Poe West since early 2019, the duo saw its potential and signed on quickly. Junkyard’s goal from the beginning has been to expand the business, grow, and potentially build a franchise. Not only will you be intrigued by the eclectic art on the walls or the high intensity of this gym, but your stomachs will also be happy with the 80/20 Café right next door. Partnering up with his sister, Boulware explains that this concept will be 80% healthy or “clean” eats, while the other 20% is the chocolate chip cookies or dessert you really want. He says their clients are normal people who all push themselves hard, but know how to live a healthy lifestyle with balance. ***A feature on the cafe will be released at a later date.

Boulware is excited about the growth and opening. Their team is open to any and all collaborations with other tenants and are excited to tap into the local community. So, have we convinced you to become a “Junkie” yet?

For class information, check out their website here.

- The Poe West Team

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